Be Responsible for Your Life


Be responsible for your life… that might seem like an obvious statement, I mean after all who else is going to be responsible for it. So, let’s talk about responsibility…how are you living your life right now?

We often imagine we have a line we will not cross. Well imagine a line where you are living your life either above it or below it. Are you living above the line? Where you are responsible for your current situation? You haven’t necessarily caused the outcome of how you are or how your life has turned out; sometimes things happen in the past which are beyond our control. However, in this moment, you accept you are responsible for how you now perceive the world and how you are. You are responsible for how you now decide on the choices you make, how you behave and the actions you take. You accept responsibility for the outcomes and where you go from there.

Below the line, you’re blaming everyone and everything, you come up with excuses, justify why you do things the way you do and live your life by the same comfortable stories which don’t serve you.

If you live above the line, here’s how you think:

You are decisive in creating what you want in life. You see the world as a place of opportunity. You move towards achieving what you want, if things aren’t happening as you’d like, you act and explore other possibilities. You know you have a choice in what you do, how you react to people and events. Whilst you might not know how now, you can learn and develop. Above the line you are in control of you in the now and the future; how you think, feel and behave. You're excited by possibilities. You work hard and put the effort in to get where you are and where you need to be in life. You know you’re not the finished article, and maybe, you never will be, but you strive to evolve, to take your life to the next level. At times you are scared but you trust yourself and have faith in your own abilities. You inspire and you are inspired by others. Your successes are down to you. You are the one in the driver’s seat in your life, creating new stories as you go about the journey.

If you’re below the line, here's your thinking:

You blame others for your lack of confidence, your bad mood, your lack of progress or achievement. You feel disempowered and depend on others in order to feel good about yourself. You wait and hope for things to be different. See yourself as a victim, and you have the t-shirt to prove it, and therefore, powerless. You go through life fearing failure; Hilary Wilson says, "being scared is giving your power away" and you happily do this to avoid responsibility. You believe you have no choice, telling yourself and others of this. You believe things that happen are down to fate. You live your life by the same stories, that rather than energise and excite you, have become habitual and they drain you. You are a passenger in your own life, willing to let others determine your journey and what happens when you get to the destination.

So, I’ll ask you again, are you living above or below the line? Only you can influence how you live your life. You decide where you are by how you think and what you do.