I know how it feels when you're...

  • Frustrated at work which spills over into your everyday life.
  • Stuck in a rut, feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled and bored in your current situation.
  • Trapped in a job you no longer love or worse, you’re beginning to hate.
  • Lacking the confidence to make a change or take a 'risk', fearing starting over and failing.
  • Lacking clarity, focus and direction about your future.
  • Wanting to change but not sure how.
  • Wanting to take back control of your life so that you live and thrive, rather than just survive.

Does that resonate with where you are at right now? If so, give yourself a boost with an individual 90 minute coaching session.

As a professional person, maybe you're thinking you can make changes on your own but upon reflection here's what's happening in reality...

  • Thinking about making changes but not taking action.
  • Tried before but with no support and without the results you want.
  • Not utilising the right network.
  • Half trying but not fully committing.
  • Getting angry with yourself because you're making limited or no progress.

How can you benefit from coaching?

You are the expert in your world and you have the answers to making changes in your life. As your coach I will support you in reaching the outcome you want through asking powerful and purposeful questions.

Our session will provide you with the time and space to explore possible solutions to whatever challenge you are facing. A confidential, individual 1:1 coaching session allows you to focus on a specific current challenge or goal with support and accountability. Following the session, you'll receive an action plan and notes for you to use going forward.

You'll receive a 20 minute follow up call two weeks after your session to see how things have gone.

Individual Coaching Session

Our work together will include:

Ruth Lewis - Life Coach - 90 Minute Coaching Session
90 Minute Coaching Session

Available face to face in Leeds City Centre or remotely by telephone or video conferencing using Skype or Zoom; the choice is yours.
Ruth Lewis - Life Coach - Flexibility

Sessions are available during the day, evenings and weekends. You can change session times up to 24 hours before if needed.
Ruth Lewis - Life Coach - Action Plan
Action Plan

Following the session you will receive an action plan and session notes, freeing you up to be fully present in the session without having to think of taking notes yourself. You can then use the action plan and notes as a reminder of the session going forward.
Ruth Lewis - Life Coach - Accountability

You'll receive a 20 minute follow-up accountability call to check in and keep you on track.
Ruth Lewis - Life Coach - Discount

If you want to continue with your coaching through one of the programmes on offer, your investment in this session will be discounted from any subsequent coaching creation programme purchase.

Ready to connect?

Take action and book a free 30-minute Discovery Call now to make a start on creating the life you want. We will explore what specific issue you want to focus upon and what outcome you'd want achieve from working together in a 90-minute 1:1 session.