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Whether you're established small business owner or just starting out, often our beliefs around money can influence how we run our business and it can be the difference between having a successful business or packing it all up and quitting.

As a small business owner, is this you?

  • Don't even know where to start on your pricing?
  • Your current pricing strategy doesn’t reflect your knowledge and experience or the value you offer?
  • Solely set your prices based upon what everyone else is delivering?
  • Avoid increasing your prices for fear or losing customers or clients?
  • You find you're working all hours but feel like you're never financially better off?
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Ruth Lewis

Career & Life Coach

RL Coaching Solutions

As a small business owner myself, I know the challenges present when it comes to setting prices and knowing what you are worth. You experience many negative emotions such as shame, guilt or embarrassment if you price what you perceive to be too high and in doing so devalue not only our skills and knowledge, but what outcomes for the client you can contribute to. I support people who are struggling to make a living, working all hours and avoid increasing their prices out of fear of rejection or never getting clients.

In a 1:1 90 minute money mindset coaching session you’ll:

  • Explore your beliefs around money, how these influence you in your day to day business, identifying which ones are helpful to your future success.
  • Gain greater clarity on the value you are offering, getting you out of your own head and into the client's or customer's.
  • Unpick your limiting beliefs which restrict you in pricing your product or services, reframing them in a way which respects the value you're offering.
  • Identify your quick wins to determine where to focus your attention to generate income moving forward.
  • Challenge and switch your mindset in order to demonstrate your worth.

Here's what others have said from their money mindset session:

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"I had a Money Mindset Coaching Session with Ruth recently and I can't recommend it enough. Ruth was gentle and patient, but also very thorough in helping me explore and reconsider some of the ideas behind my business finances. The advice I received was invaluable and has set me on a path of restructuring my business for the better. I was free to think more clearly and more creatively, look from a different angle, not be afraid to be different. I also started considering again what my clients are actually looking for, and found that I can meet that need in better ways. This is helping me improve what I do, and charge the price that reflects that value. Ruth followed up our meeting with an in-depth summary in an email, containing all the advice and conclusions we reached. I have implemented many of these ideas by now and I'm very I glad I have. I highly recommend this session and Ruth as a coach."

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"I have been a professional in the Pet Industry for the last 10 years and over this time I have struggled with all the usual things, such as what should I charge for the services that I provide etc. etc I recently had the good fortune to schedule a one off ‘Changing your Mindset’ session with Ruth and it totally helped the way I think about my business. Well worth doing and highly recommend"