Is this you?

  • Stuck in a rut in your current role, in a job you no longer love, feeling bored and unfulfilled.
  • Frustrated at the lack of progression and want to go for a promotion but lack the confidence.
  • Fed up of never getting a pay rise and feel you deserve more.
  • Fell into a job rather than chose your career., now you want to take your career in a different direction but not sure how or what to change.
  • Find that you are doing a different job to the one you started and don't like where it is going, realising you work in an environment where there is no joy or happiness anymore.
  • Think you don't have the skills that would be useful in another area of work.
  • Dread the remaining years until you retire, feeling trapped by your financial situation or pension.

Does that resonate with where you are at right now?

If so, it's time to create the career you want.

As a professional person, maybe you're thinking you can make changes on your own but upon reflection here's what's happening in reality...

  • Thinking about making changes but not taking action.
  • Tried before but only partly without fully committing and with no support so not getting the results you want.
  • Not utilising the right network, listening to other people telling you that you have a good job and it's too risky to switch careers now.
  • Getting angry with yourself because you're making limited or no progress.
  • Experience overwhelm at the prospect of finding a new job.
  • Talk yourself out of applying for a new role because it's been so long since you last applied for a job or had an interview.
  • Convince yourself you can't afford to switch jobs or that you'll be starting over again.

Smart Career Creation Coaching Programme

Smart Career Creation is a 6 month programme designed to explore your career options, allowing you to identify steps to creating a career you deserve. Rather than being stuck in a job you no longer love, Smart Career Creation will help you design a pathway out of your current work situation.

Totalling over 15 hours of coaching and follow-up support, Smart Career Creation will give you the control and the opportunity to make changes in the direction your career is going.

smart career creation.png

The programme includes the following:

Ruth Lewis - Life Coach - Multiple Coaching Sessions
Multiple Coaching Sessions

Available face to face in Leeds City Centre, or remotely by telephone or video conferencing using Skype or Zoom. The coaching will include:
  • 6 x 90 minute 1:1 sessions scheduled fortnightly, followed by
  • 3 x 90 minute 1:1 sessions scheduled monthly.
Ruth Lewis - Life Coach - Flexibility

Sessions are available during the day, evenings and weekends. You can change session times up to 24 hours before if needed.
Ruth Lewis - Life Coach - Action Plan
Action Plan

Following each session you will receive an action plan and session notes, freeing you up to be fully present in the session without having to think of taking notes yourself. You can then use the action plan and notes as a reminder of the session going forward.
Ruth Lewis - Life Coach - Accountability

You'll receive 3 x 20 minute check-in/accountability calls during the final 3 months of the programme to keep you on track.You will also have email and telephone access, Monday - Friday with 48 hour priority response (excluding weekends & Bank Holidays).

Ready to direct the next step in your career?

Don't wait any longer or waste any more years in a job you are no longer happy in. Be smart with your career and your time, book your free 30-minute Discovery Call for an initial confidential consultation now, giving you and your coach the opportunity to explore how you would like this programme to impact your career, and ultimately your life.