"Before working with Ruth, the main challenge I faced was being confident in my new role and assertive in the decisions I was making. Ruth helped me to identify and draw on my strengths which has led me to be more comfortable with my style of working. In an organisation where there are endless policies to adhere to, Ruth helped me to navigate this and see the bigger picture in terms of the purpose of my role.

I found Ruth’s curiosity about psychology, human nature, what influences people and motivates them to change to be really inspiring. She has so much knowledge on the subject and this has sparked my own interest in the field and motivated me to do more research and self-directed learning outside of the workplace. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ruth and would always leave our coaching and mentoring sessions with clarity of thought, renewed energy and motivation for my role.

Since working with Ruth, I am much more confident and comfortable in my role. Whereas before I was quite anxious about making difficult decisions, I am much more relaxed and able to focus on the grand scheme of things rather than being swept up in things that previously I found draining.

Ruth is very engaging, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She also has a very down to earth style which is easy to connect with and I really valued her honest feedback and straight-talking manner. I would highly recommend Ruth to others. She has an excellent ability to help people reflect on their values and what it is that makes them tick."

— Lauren


"Having worked with Ruth for over a year I have benefitted hugely from her vast experience which she has the unique ability of passing on effortlessly. Through her she has given me confidence to find the skill and ability to complete tasks and achieve goals I previously did not consider or didn’t have the confidence to attempt. Ruth can extract motivations and reasoning behind every action I did and really allowed me to explore the agenda behind my actions. This provided clarity into my intrinsic motivation which I found very useful when planning a task.

Whilst working with Ruth she provided a safe space along with a non-judgmental approach to allow me to express my views. She was supportive whilst also challenging which was excellent when reviewing my progress. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ruth as I feel very confident of myself and now no longer fear the idea of change. Ruth is approachable, reliable, impartial, rational and very passionate about her work. She has a desire to help people unlock the chains that keep them stagnant and enjoys improving people’s lives both in work and socially. I would recommend working with Ruth as I’ve benefitted hugely from having someone to support me through the process of change."

— Abid


"I worked alongside Ruth years ago when we were both Probation Officers working in a busy office in Leeds. I loved working with Ruth, she is insightful, creative and asks killer questions. I was delighted when, over a decade later, we worked together again for the National Probation Service, this time to mentor and coach staff. Ruth continues to remain open and curious. Ideas bounce from her and she quickly implements ideas into practical solutions to support others and help them grow. I hope to work with Ruth again and have seen first hand the strides in development and self growth that her clients have made. Indeed, Ruth coached me and helped me to move on from my public service job."

— Carol


"Working with Ruth can be challenging but in a good way. She made me think outside of the box and explore issues further, which I found very useful. I feel much more confident with the work I do and have developed my skills since working with Ruth. I would definitely recommend Ruth, she is a very good listener, pushing people to be the very best they can be. She believed in me and really helped boost my confidence."

— Aimee


"Ruth helped me in growing my confidence in my interviewing skills within my role. I found Ruth really listened to me and helped vocalise my thought process which helped me reflect on my practice. She helped me be more confident when asking difficult questions and how to frame them within my role. Ruth provides structured coaching within a relaxed environment. Ruth is understanding, encouraging, helpful and reliable."

— Catherine


"My self confidence has increased within my role since working with Ruth. She is very supportive, with a massive amount of experience and knowledge which she is happy to share when you need her to."

— Allan


"Ruth really helped me as I developed my practice in my new role. As someone completely new to the job with no prior experience, Ruth helped me to see how skills learned in my previous roles were transferable and could be used in different ways. If I had any issues or was stuck with a problem, Ruth helped me to look at it from a different angle and use her expertise to explore with me possible actions to take. She was always very supportive and really helped to boost my confidence. I would thoroughly recommend Ruth to others.."

— Charlotte

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